WP Flow Plus

My carousel contains broken images. What can I do?

If your reflected images don’t show up, you might have a server that generates 404 errors on the reflected images. In this case select the option in the settings for strict servers or use CSS reflections.

Is there a way for me to place a tag in my template so that the gallery would be part of it?

You can insert any shortcode into a template using this enclosed in standard PHP tags: echo do_shortcode('[shortcode option1="value1" option2="value2"]'); For WP Flow Plus, insert something like this: echo do_shortcode('[[[wp-flowplus dir="value"]]]');

My site uses the shortcode name wp-imageflow2. Is this still okay?

Yes, both versions of the shortcode name are supported equally.

How can I help support this plugin?

A donation to support this plugin would be greatly appreciated. I also appreciate a rating on the WordPress plugin directory.